Process Service

Our NJ process servers  are the fastest in the state, Make us your last call.

We Specialize in process service, skip tracing copying service, court filings, we are a nationwide process service company. Our Process Servers are Retired Law Enforcement officers with a tremendous amount of experience in locating people, we take pride in our work, we understand the importance of what we do for you, we treat your legal documents as  if they were our own and will serve them quickly and efficiently as possible, while simultaneously advising you upon completion and promptly generating an affidavit of service.

Last minute serve:

Need that Subpoena / Summons served by today?

Need that Case file retrieved or filed by today?

We are New Jersey's fastest Process Servers and we take pride in that, call us today and see how we can help. (732) 307-2345

Our NJ process servers have the experience, good judgement, and diligence required to to fulfill our clients needs. We specialize in difficult serves. Our NJ process servers  are supported by our in-house team of retired law enforcement professionals who are now licensed NJ Private Investigators who are key when serving evasive witnesses and defendants. Because of the complexity and delicate nature of serving uncooperative parties, we consult with the client and tailor a plan that will allow us to effectively perform

service of process based on the specific need of our clients.

Skip Trace

We perform a unique Skip Trace technique to locate and track down individuals, Our NJ Private Investigators conduct Open source Intelligence techniques as part of our searches on the web. Which basically means that we conduct deep internet searches as part of our

investigations when were tasked with finding any individual that may be difficult to locate. our company has a great policy in place, and that is  if we can't locate your target we don't charge, so there is nothing to lose on the clients behalf. It's like having an office of detectives working for you, but you only pay for results, which is a pretty cool policy our company has put in place. Contact us today.




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